Good day,
Please note that the NSFAS applications for student funding for the 2022 academic year are open until 07 January 2022
Click on the link below to apply:
The following documents are needed to verify your NSFAS funding application

Take note of the below important documents needed to complete the application:

1. All applicants must provide a copy of ID. A temporary ID issued by the Department of Home                  Affairs will be accepted.
2. Non-SASSA applicants must provide ID copies of parent/s, legal guardian/guardian or spouse.
3. Smart ID cards: a copy with both sides of the smart ID must be provided.
4. Proof of income: applicant and/or parents/legal guardian/spouse (where applicable (non-                        SASSA) should provide latest payslip not older 3 months, UIF letter, appointment letter,                    retrenchment letter (applicant and/or parent(s), legal guardian/spouse).
5. Person with disabilities: to complete Disability Annexure A form.
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