Dear Matrics,
Welcome to Saturday School!
Good matric results open doors. We trust this support program will help you achieve the marks you deserve. Saturday classes are recorded on a weekly basis. This excludes Saturdays in the school holidays. The next day, we post the lesson videos and notes used for your benefit. We strive to load the lessons every week before 2pm on Sundays. No registration or subscription fee is charged when you view the lessons. This group of teachers are simply doing it to the benefit of our country’s learners. We believe we can contribute to unlock the true potential of our youth.
View the lessons on a weekly basis. View the topics you don’t understand again. Do the assessment activities attached and discuss the answers with a friend(s). Lesson videos may be used at schools to substitute when a teacher is absent. The lessons have been designed to support our teachers. The lessons supplement and consolidate the work done at school, mostly in the order prescribed in the Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for each subject
Also view the lessons posted on the video section of this website. Summer Camp will further support you with grade 11 work covered in the grade 12 assessment syllabus.
Best wishes, watch and learn!
21 May 2022
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